One Hour Music Video Challenge

Can you record a song and produce a video in an hour or less? Of course you’re not going to win a Grammy or a Teen Choice award for your efforts but it’s satisfying as hell! Using a few instruments and my iPad I made four videos in (non consecutive) three hours and 48 minutes total.

Makes me wonder what I could do with some time and equipment.

I challenge actual musicians to try it out!

Video with the Canon T5i

Okay so I started a vlog.

 Hear me out though. I’m learning to use what I have and part of what I need to learn goes into what I’ve been storing on YouTube. Sorry to the masses but I’m not trying to be famous for my onscreen antics. What I’m trying to do is learn how to produce a viable skill set without paying for a school.

There’s a process and although I’m still learning, I can now produce a coherent and interesting piece of video in a two hour time span using junk scrap video I thought was all deleted and a music making app. There was no storyboarding or scripting and the bits I used were the unwanted footage I couldn’t use for my older videos. I still composed a better film.

I’ve only recently acquired a video card that would allow me to record HD video for more than eight seconds at a time so I can stop relying on my iphone and iPad front facing cameras as my primary video. I have been practicing and reading everything available on the internet on using my Canon T5i and getting the settings right. 
What I’ll be doing now is to make a high quality, scripted and storyboarded video presentation about the clip and how it was created in full. From that point I will be making a tutorial on how to most simply use the inexpensive tools I have to produce a high quality video. 

I’ll be taking the concept for the video posted in the link and doing a complete overhaul, improving video, tools, music, and lyrics… maybe if I get really lucky I’ll find someone with some talent to do the vocals. 

For the next video I’ll be allowing a period of four hours. The final edited video should be four minutes long. After that there will be a third video series covering improvements from that period and possibly even animation.

Yeah it’s cringy. But it’s a starting point and practice. ​

Creepy Doll

In the basement of Warehouse Antiques I happened upon this old doll. She creeped me out so badly I just had to share her with you. There is a magic to her, I might buy her once I decide I can sleep in the same house. I bet she’s haunted.